World Property Deals

Where in the world should you look for property?

Are you looking for a holiday home, or to start a new life, perhaps to set up a new business or simply to retire and settle down?

Are you looking for a better climate, that perfect weather, never too hot or too cold, no need for heating or air conditioning; for world-class affordable health care; a cultural scene with theatre, orchestra, artists, and exciting events; for bars, restaurants, and nightspots; a more affordable cost of living, or just bargain real estate with great investment opportunities for both capital gains and / or rental income?

Whatever your objectives, looking for world property deals can be a demanding and time consuming job!

So, talk to the professionals. Restless Earth Limited can help you find the best world property deals, those which really match your objectives and your budget.

Talk to us about your plans for property ownership. We are expert property finders, with in-depth knowledge of real estate all over the world. We understand the markets and the buying / legal process in every major country. We have access to great deals from Developers, Banks, Agents, Owners desperate to sell and have access to a wide range of Repossession Properties. We can help you avoid the significant cost in terms of your time and money, not to mention the hassle involved in the overseas property search process.

Should you buy now, or should you wait for the market to move in your favour? We don’t have a crystal ball, but we have expert knowledge in all major markets, and can provide sound advice on this aspect of property acquisition.

We provide this property finder service to our customers absolutely free of charge. Why not consider buying off-plan, as this is one of the best ways to get property deals overseas. The advantages are that normally you can buy from Developers at very attractive prices, because they need to sell a certain percentage of units very quickly in order to finance and obtain the license to proceed with the construction work. Also, there are usually attractive payment terms on offer, often extending years beyond completion of the properties, thus making the purchase more affordable from a cash flow perspective as well.

Need a mortgage or bank financing? Need to set up a Bank Account? Need to save on the transfer significant amounts of foreign currency to fund the purchase? Need a reliable English speaking conveyancing lawyer? Need a surveyor? Need property management? Need to rent? Need to sell? We can help. We will help turn your dream into reality.